Our History

What unites us is not a sight at first, one feels at every step, at every moment, at every arm of the sun or in the wind through the olive groves

We need to know the value that our "gold" represents: the wealth of a land, of a country. While a lot has been happening - and it happens - naturally, when the timeline is long.

Know our history and tradition

Our Brands

United, years of tradition.
A larger and growing universe that spans so many other horizons.

  • The symbol of a moment
    Harvested by wise gestures and treated respecting the processes that the past taught us.The result is a delicate and pure olive juice. A toast to the light, life and diners of refined taste.

Our Mission

A good that is for everyone: we are inspired to take our oils across borders.

Walking the path of innovation and persistence in the high standards of quality and genuineness that are naturally recognized to us.

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